culture Solutions looks back at the 2022 events

In 2022, culture Solutions was invited to speak at or analyse important public events and co-organised one roundtable. Find out which and access the articles summarising the key highlights in this blog.

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1 billion for EU international cultural relations by 2027

Find here the written version of the speech given by Damien Helly at the European Parliament’s public hearing on EU international cultural relations in Brussels on 13 July 2022. It summarises culture Solutions’ analyses on the implementation of the EU cultural relations policy framework and suggests a set of priorities for the EU Council Work Plan on Culture 2022-2025.

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Post-Ukraine Cultural Mediterranean: Still curious?

At the Naples Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the Mediterranean, speakers exchanged ideas on fostering innovation and sustainability, cross-border and regional cooperation, and long-standing partnerships in the Southern Partnership Region. Find out more in this blog post.


From ACP-EU Culture Webinar to Africa-Europe Week 2022: five pathways to follow

This blog post is the last on Africa-Europe Week and discusses the main trends in EU-AU cultural relations by positioning them along what we have observed to date with EU and Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) relations. What key topics persist? How have these advanced in the last months?


Building inclusive spaces for Africa-Europe cultural relations dialogue

The rise of new voices and calls for a reset of the Africa-Europe political agenda means that new spaces for inclusive cultural relations dialogue could and should emerge. Are you wondering how? Find out in the third blog post of the series.


Africa-Europe cultural relations programming: what’s the agenda

Continuing with the analysis and lessons learnt from the first-ever Africa-Europe Week, we now turn to the five main priorities of any future cultural programming agenda in this thought-provoking article by Nicole McNeilly, Gabrielle Bernoville, Valeria Mesía and Celia Zayas.

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Africa-Europe Week 2022: Three take-aways for the AU-EU cultural relations partnership

After attending the first-ever Africa-Europe Week, we reflect on the cultural aspects of the post-Covid relationship between the EU and its partners in this blog post.

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5 Opportunities for European international cultural relations towards ACP countries, beyond the ACP-EU Culture Programme

Continuing with the takeaway from the 2021 ACP-EU Culture programme international webinar, we now look into the lessons learnt and the main topics that emerged from the discussions in this blog post by Alexandra Gil Táboas and Francesca Pozzebon.

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EU action for culture in Africa Caribbean and Pacific: main trends

Upon the completion of the 2021 ACP-EU Culture programme international webinar, in this blog post our collaborators share the trends and opportunities they identified while facilitating the event.


culture Solutions closes an eventful year with a gathering in Brussels

In 2021, culture Solutions collaborators organised one physical event, facilitated two webinars held by partners, and spoke at 6 other events. Read more and find the supplementary materials in this blog.


#TeamEurope impact: Effective Digital Communities of Practice

After defining what a Community of Practice is, this blog post by our Training and know-how sharing team zooms into the methodology behind building digital European communities that have a global remit and inclusivity at the core.


#TeamEurope: A community of practice on culture for EU Delegations

DG INTPA’s Culture Seminars, delivered by culture Solutions, have highlighted the need for a Community of Practice. Read more about how to embed culture across EU’s external actions in this blog post.


Restoring livelihoods through culture in Yemen: lessons learnt

After successfully facilitating the virtual conference “Restoring Livelihoods Through Culture in Yemen”, in this article Nicole McNeilly and Bart Hesseling look into the key themes and future developments for the UNESCO-EU project.


Towards a sustainable cultural and creative industry in ACP countries

On 9 and 10 June, OEACP and the European Union with the technical support of culture Solutions and Nookom are organising a virtual webinar “Towards a sustainable cultural and creative industry in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries”.


Restoring livelihoods through culture in Yemen

On May 26-27, UNESCO and the European Union organised a virtual conference “Restoring Livelihoods Through Culture in Yemen” facilitated by culture Solutions. Read more about the initiative and access the programme.

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Team Europe’s future heritage? Protecting shared memories in conflict

In November 2020, culture Solutions facilitated the EEAS conference on The role of the European Union on the Protection and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage in conflict and crisis. This blog summarises the main take-aways of the conference and recommends the launch of specific European communities of practice in this field.

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We are culture, but are we Europe? – 2020 Europe Culture Forum Amsterdam

Between 17 and 20 September 2020, Amsterdam played host to this year’s Forum on European Culture. cultureSolutions collaborator Nicole McNeilly was at a selection of the events. She gives a short reflection on the event’s strengths and challenges. 

See the blog by Nicole McNeilly.


EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum

From June 26-29, Culture Solutions attended the EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum. As the last part of the “CreW Cultural Relations at Work project”, intending to foster discussion and reflection on cultural diplomacy between policy-makers, practitioners and academics. See the blog by SJohanna Suo and Virgine Wyart.

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International cultural policies @Avignon OFF

culture Solutions was invited to moderate the round table “International cultural policies: How do institutions create frameworks conducive to developing cultural projects?” at the international theatre festival Avignon OFF. Sandra Coumans reports about it in her blog.


Culture for the Future for the Global South

culture Solutions took part in Culture4Future 2019, an international colloquium organised by the European Commission that aimed at promoting culture, creativity, innovation and dialogue as key drivers for inclusive development and peace. See the blog by Sandra Coumans.


The Day After: testing our bottom-up workshop in Lyon

Culture Solutions attended the European Lab Camp in Lyon and implemented a experimental workshop aimed at bridging the gap between cultural practitioners and EU international cultural policies See the blog by Camilla Colombo and Damien Helly.


culture Solutions takes part in its first events

culture Solutions participated in European Development Days 2019, Arty Farty’s Lyon 2019 European Lab Camp and European belonging among young people. Find out more about the worskhops and presentations we made in thisblog.

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Commons: culture Solutions inspired

Culture Solutions attended the CCSC kick-off conference and drew lessons from it for its own development. See the blog by Susan van Esch and Damien Helly.