Cultural relations & diplomacy

culture Solutions contributes to the external dimension of EU cultural action, including both cultural relations and cultural diplomacy.

1 July 2021

#TeamEurope: A community of practice on culture for EU Delegations

DG INTPA’s Culture Seminars, delivered by culture Solutions, have highlighted the need for a Community of Practice. Read more about how to embed culture across EU’s external actions in this blog post.

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20 March 2021

European Spaces of Culture: A blueprint for a Cultural Team Europe 

The EUNIC-led “European Spaces of Culture” have the potential to scale up the six pilot project into a Cultural Team Europe approach. Find out how in this article.

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16 December 2020

Team Europe Worldwide: 10 Tips for Regional & Global Cultural Programming (II)

Following our 5 tips on country-based programming, we now offer you a list of 10 priorities for regional and global cultural programming. Check out the blog by Damien Helly.

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14 December 2020

Team Europe Worldwide & Programming – 5 Tips to Blow the EU Cultural Breeze (I)

After the adoption of the new multiannual budget, EU Delegations are busy with the programming of external action and international cooperation funds for the next seven years. For tips on country-based cultural programming see the blog by Damien Helly.

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22 September 2020

Erasmus+ and EU international cultural relations

The international dimension of the EU’s Higher Education Erasmus+ programme contributes to EU international cultural relations. While the next EU budget (2021-2027) is being negotiated this post looks at Erasmus+’ impact and its role in the EU’s public and cultural diplomacy efforts. See the blog by Constance Bobotsi.

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30 April 2020

Composing Trust 2019/2020 research report

Our Composing Trust 2019/2020 research report aims to become a reference knowledge resource on EU international cultural relations for the new 2019 European Parliament and Commission as well as for all those who engage with institutions on this agenda. It is divided into 8 thematic chapters, from societal change to the relation between culture and climate, mapping the current framework of the EU’s international cultural relations and what contributed to it.

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