Cultural heritage protection in conflict & crisis

culture Solutions has contributed to the design and the launch of an EU concept on cultural heritage protection in conflict and crisis, through the publication of reports as well as the facilitation of international conferences.

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Climate change & New Bauhaus

Climate change has come to the top of the EU agenda thanks to the Green Deal. culture Solutions is dedicated to clarifying the intimate but still underexplored relation between cultural relations and climate action.

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Business & creative economy

The internationalisation of the European cultural sector and creative industries is already happening but on a very uneven ground. At the same time, multinational companies have a strong impact on local communities.

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Digitalisation & internet

culture Solutions aims to put the digital and technological dimensions more prominently on the EU agenda of cultural relations and cultural diplomacy and ensure creative and fruitful crossovers between arts, science, technology and digital expertise.

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Cultural relations & diplomacy

Our work contributes to the external dimension of EU cultural action, including both cultural relations and cultural diplomacy. The main output of our research efforts has been the Composing Trust 2019/2020 report.

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Colonial memories

As part of our work on intercultural coexistence, culture Solutions explores memory policies and the legacies of colonialism in contemporary EU international relations. Until now we have participated in several events and published a summary of our findings.

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More topics coming soon. Stay tuned!