cS Comments #1: Public consultation on the first set of Draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards

The submission draws the attention to the role of culture and cultural diversity in sustainability matters, which remains mostly absent from existing sustainability reporting standards.


cS Brief #11: Culture in EU external trade: Towards Stronger Digital Cultural Cooperation

The rapid digitalisation of the cultural and creative sector requires effective international norms and frameworks for trade and cooperation. This brief analyses the promotion of diverse digital cultural content in recent EU trade agreements and innovative initiatives.


cS Brief #10: Promoting private sector involvement in culture worldwide

This Brief led by Lilian Hanania explores the ways in which companies promote and make visible cultural diversity in their non-financial reporting.

cS mapping #1: classical music in China

The first free and open sectoral mapping on classical music in China to enhance cultural cooperation between Europeans and Chinese cultural professionals.


Composing Trust 2019/2020 research report

Our Composing Trust 2019/2020 research report aims to become a reference knowledge resource on EU international cultural relations for the new 2019 European Parliament and Commission as well as for all those who engage with institutions on this agenda.


Composing Trust Brief #9: An agenda with EU international cultural relations

The main findings of our cS Composing Trust 2019/2020 report identifying future research, policy and engagement agendas.


Composing Trust Brief #8: Europeanised Cultural Institutes: Innovation and Adaptation in EUNIC

This study gives an overview of EUNIC’s (network of European Union National Institutes for Culture) involvement and positioning in EU international cultural relations.


Composing Trust Brief #7: EU Delegations and international cultural relations

140 EU Delegations in the world have a cultural mandate to combine with country-specific thematic priorities and negotiations with a variety of implementing partners.


Composing Trust Brief #6: Culture & climate change: the future of EU international cultural relations

Our Brief identifies policy priorities for an “EU global culture and climate change initiative”.


Composing Trust Brief #5: Digital change and EU international cultural relations

Has the EU adjusted its international cultural relations policy to the digital revolution?


Composing Trust Brief #4: Culture in EU external action: the power of societal change

This Brief is a toolbox for policy-makers who need to argue for the intrinsic value of cultural experience. It looks at the existing rights-based EU policy framework already acknowledging culture’s contribution to well-being, democracy and positive mutual perceptions.


Composing Trust Brief #3: Financing EU international cultural relations

This Brief explores budgets and available resources for culture in EU external action. Future research could then compare them with other spending sectors and priorities over time.


Composing Trust Brief #2: EU international cultural relations since 2016: Progress report

This Brief looks at main policy trends at play in the implementation of EU international cultural relations.


Composing Trust Brief #1: The EU external cultural action ecosystem in 2019/2020

EU international cultural relations affect and potentially transform the ways Europeans culturally engage others in the world. Discover the role of key institutions and organisations in EU international cultural relations.