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Our areas of work

  • Cultural action & legitimacy
  • Digital and Internet governance
  • Cultural relations
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Intercultural coexistence & language skills

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Our services

  • Information Sharing
  • Space for Dialogue
  • Policy Analysis
  • Training
  • Implementation support

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Why we bother

We contribute independently to the excellence of EU international cultural relations with the opening of creative trust-building spaces, the production of commons and the brokerage of know-how.

Culture Solutions Europe, or short culture Solutions, was created as a French association on 23 October 2018 in a context of uncertainty and questioning of the European integration project, while technological change is affecting the ways Humanity deals with an ecologically threatened planet.

We follow a specific Theory of Change.

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See also how we’re making the difference and influencing not only the debate and the practice of EU international cultural relations but also key documents adopted by the institutions.

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Events and articles


Rejuvenating EU-LAC cultural relations from the bottom-up

This second blog post uncovers the flourishing EU-LAC collaboration at the grass-roots level. Drawing from the key take-aways of the EU-LAC Forum, the analysis proposes a list of recommendations for strengthening bi-regional cultural relations in the areas of youth, inclusive and just transition.


EU-LAC cultural diplomacy: from natural partners to partners of choice, via Madrid

After the EU-CELAC Summit in July 2023, this this blog post focuses on the political context and the cultural cooperation at the official level. In particular, it examines the New Agenda for EU-LAC relations launched by the Commission in June, and the role of Spain, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU.


Policy directions in EU international cultural relations, towards 2024

The select roundtable “Policy directions in EU international cultural relations, towards 2024” gathered more than 50 key Brussels-based policy-makers, networks’ representatives and professionals from the cultural field, offering them a multi-stakeholder space for dialogue on the place of cultural action in the EU external policies agenda.






Rapport d’événement #5: 2024 : Quelles ambitions pourl’agenda culturel extérieur de l’UE?

Ce rapport d’événement présente le contenu des débats du 27 juin 2023 autour de trois thèmes : évaluation, l’Ukraine et la géopolitique et l’agenda 2024. Il présente également des conclusions claires et la voie à suivre pour les relations culturelles extérieures de l’UE.

Report 2024 roundtable

Event report #5: 2024: Towards a refreshed EU external cultural agenda

This event report presents the content of the debates held on 27 June 2023, focusing on three themes: taking stock, Ukraine and geopolitics, and the 2024 agenda. It also presents clear conclusions and way forward for the EU’s external cultural relations.


cS Brief #12: Cultural Heritage Protection in crises: strengthening the EU’s role

Taking stock of the EEAS first annual report on the implementation of the EU strategic framework on cultural heritage in crises, this brief builds on the debate held at the joint EUISS-cS roundtable and provides updates in light of the recent developments in Ukraine and other countries.


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We are now widening our membership system in order to unite more like-minded individuals. Joining the association gives you voice and vote, and offers you an opportunity to directly influence EU cultural relations.

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We welcome skilled professionals and motivated graduates or young professionals to join our dynamic and innovative team.

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cS is a non-profit organisation and our collaborators work pro bono. Help us continue creating commons in the sphere of EU international cultural relations.

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culture Solutions collaborates with both EU institutions and independent organisations.

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What our partners say

I value the precious contribution of culture Solutions to the work that the European Union launched on the protection of cultural heritage in conflicts and crises. Supporting culture Solutions in the future will definitely benefit international cultural relations as a whole and multiply their impact on sustainable development and peace.

- Guillaume Decot, European External Action Service Principal Advisor

I was impressed by the high quality work and commitment of cS on several assignments to support culture in international partnerships. And it is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, knowledgeable, energetic, responsive team!

- Greta Galeazzi, International Cooperation Officer

This highly skilled and experienced social innovation group of research associates and collaborators work diligently and reliably at delivering innovative culture solutions through knowledge sharing, training, research, co-creation and communication.

- Else Christensen, Project Manager, Voices of Culture (EU funded)

Superb facilitation. Very well run, motivating, energising.

- Officer at the EU Delegation to Sri Lanka

culture Solutions was very professional, dedicated and we will recommend their services.

- Participants in the DG INTPA Culture Seminar

Merci à culture Solutions pour la facilitation des échanges et pour l'effort particulier pour la traduction. Cela a été très apprécié!

- Officer at the EU Delegation to DRC

I was amazed by the quality of the Composing Trust report. cS is definitely establishing itself as the reference organisation for international cultural relations.

- Willy Kokolo, then Programme Coordinator, Central and Eastern Africa, Search for Common Ground

Excellent conception, organisation and facilitation of the training.

- Programme Manager at the EU Delegation to Chad

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Write us an e-mail via the form or to hello@culturesolutions.eu

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