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  • Cultural action & legitimacy
  • Digital and Internet governance
  • Cultural relations
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Intercultural coexistence & language skills

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  • Information Sharing
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  • Policy Analysis
  • Training
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Why we bother

We contribute independently to the excellence of EU international cultural relations with the opening of creative trust-building spaces, the production of commons and the brokerage of know-how.


Culture Solutions Europe was created as a French association on 23 October 2018 in a context of uncertainty and questioning of the European integration project, while technological change is affecting the ways Humanity deals with an ecologically threatened planet.


We follow a specific Theory of Change.


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Events and articles


From ACP-EU Culture Webinar to Africa-Europe Week 2022: five pathways to follow

This blogpost is the last on Africa-Europe Week and discusses the main trends in EU-AU cultural relations by positioning them along what we have observed to date with EU and Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) relations. What key topics persist? How have these advanced in the last months?


Building inclusive spaces for Africa-Europe cultural relations dialogue

The rise of new voices and calls for a reset of the Africa-Europe political agenda means that new spaces for inclusive cultural relations dialogue could and should emerge. Are you wondering how? Find out in the third blog post of the series.


Africa-Europe cultural relations programming: what’s the agenda

Continuing with the analysis and lessons learnt from the first-ever Africa-Europe Week, we now turn to the five main priorities of any future cultural programming agenda in this thought-provoking article by Nicole McNeilly, Gabrielle Bernoville, Valeria Mesía and Celia Zayas.




cS Comments #1: Public consultation on the first set of Draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards

The submission draws the attention to the role of culture and cultural diversity in sustainability matters, which remains mostly absent from existing sustainability reporting standards.


cS Brief #11: Culture in EU external trade: Towards Stronger Digital Cultural Cooperation

The rapid digitalisation of the cultural and creative sector requires effective international norms and frameworks for trade and cooperation. This brief analyses the promotion of diverse digital cultural content in recent EU trade agreements and innovative initiatives.


cS Brief #10: Promoting private sector involvement in culture worldwide

This Brief led by Lilian Hanania explores the ways in which companies promote and make visible cultural diversity in their non-financial reporting.


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    We submitted comments to the Public consultation 📝 on the first set of European #Sustainability Reporting Standards📉 drawing the attention to the role of #Culture and #CulturalDiversity, which remains mostly absent from existing #reporting standards > https://t.co/PGUHc28l62
    Our chair Damien Helly was one of the stakeholders 📣 invited to the European Parliament's CULT meeting on the Implementation of the New Agenda for #culture and the #EU Strategy for #InternationalCulturalRelations. 📅

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    Mainstreaming an inclusive concept of #culture 💭, #youth taking the lead 👧, considering the #digital dimension 📱 are only some of the ways forward in the #EU - #AU cultural relations after the Africa-Europe Week and the EU-ACP culture webinar > https://t.co/X9n90b8KGS