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  • Cultural action & legitimacy
  • Digital and Internet governance
  • Cultural relations
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Intercultural coexistence & language skills

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Why we bother

We contribute independently to the excellence of EU international cultural relations with the opening of creative trust-building spaces, the production of commons and the brokerage of know-how.


Culture Solutions Europe was created as a French association on 23 October 2018 in a context of uncertainty and questioning of the European integration project, while technological change is affecting the ways Humanity deals with an ecologically threatened planet.


We follow a specific Theory of Change.


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Events and articles


#TeamEurope impact: Effective Digital Communities of Practice

After defining what a Community of Practice is, this blog post by our Training and know-how sharing team zooms into the methodology behind building digital European communities that have a global remit and inclusivity at the core.


#TeamEurope: A community of practice on culture for EU Delegations

DG INTPA’s Culture Seminars, delivered by culture Solutions, have highlighted the need for a Community of Practice. Read more about how to embed culture across EU’s external actions in this blog post.


Restoring livelihoods through culture in Yemen: lessons learnt

After successfully facilitating the virtual conference “Restoring Livelihoods Through Culture in Yemen”, in this article Nicole McNeilly and Bart Hesseling look into the key themes and future developments for the UNESCO-EU project.




cS Brief #11: Culture in EU external trade: Towards Stronger Digital Cultural Cooperation

The rapid digitalisation of the cultural and creative sector requires effective international norms and frameworks for trade and cooperation. This brief analyses the promotion of diverse digital cultural content in recent EU trade agreements and innovative initiatives.


cS Brief #10: Promoting private sector involvement in culture worldwide

This Brief led by Lilian Hanania explores the ways in which companies promote and make visible cultural diversity in their non-financial reporting.


cS mapping #1: classical music in China

The first free and open sectoral mapping on classical music in China to enhance cultural cooperation between Europeans and Chinese cultural professionals
If you wish to partner with us to produce and share more mappings on a given sector, country or region, contact us!


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What does a successful #CoP look like? Are online formats fit for Community building and engagement in a CoP?➡️Read more about how to build and strengthen a variety of culture-related European communities of practice on international #culturalrelations.

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EEAS officials leading on international cultural relations

Pietro de Matteis

Advisor on public diplomacy

Email address: Pietro.DE-MATTEIS@eeas.europa.eu

Phone: +32 2 584 3296

Something special about him:

Pietro is responsible for developing a more joined-up approach to European Public Diplomacy and has been involved since early stage in the drafting of the Joint Communication "Towards an EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations" 

He is also at the origin of flagship Public and Cultural Diplomacy initiatives under the Partnership Instrument, such as the Cultural Diplomacy Platform, the EU Film Repository for Film Festivals, the EU Alumni Engagement Initiative and EU Policy and Outreach Partnership (EUPOP) contracts worldwide. Currently he is working to frame Public Diplomacy under the upcoming EU Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027).


Merete Bilde

Special advisor on Religion and Foreign Policy

Email address: Merete.Bilde@EEAS.europa.eu

Phone number: +32 474439195

Something special about her:

She works on issues at the cross section of religion and foreign policy. This includes (geo)political aspects of religion as well as cross cultural/religious relations. She has been involved in a number of networks of diplomats and faith-based political actors meeting regularly in an effort to bridge the gap in understanding between religious and secular worldviews.

She is the driving force behind the EEAS Task Force on religion and culture as well as EEAS training course on Religion and Foreign Policy with the aim to develop collective awareness and skill-set to appreciate the role of religion (whether helpful or problematic) and its implication for diplomatic work. Ms. Bilde is one of the two co-founders of the Transatlantic Policy Network on Religion and Foreign Policy in 2015. This policy network builds on a former EU-led Likeminded Group of diplomats working on religion/diplomacy nexus, which she set up in the mid 2000’s.

She has been engaged in various initiatives relating to issues such as freedom of expression, freedom of religion or belief as well as the defamation debate. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, her work has focused heavily on the new political actors and the new regional dynamics at play, including between the new Middle East and the US and Europe. Prior to her current appointment, Merete Bilde worked in the Policy Unit of EU High Representative, Javier Solana (2005-09) and before that she served as a Danish diplomat (1994-).

Ms. Bilde was a Bosch Public Policy Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy during its 2014-15 fellowship year which focused on religion and its role in the liberal order. She wrote a short piece on the Brussels perspective on Religion and Diplomacy in the resulting publication ‘Faith Freedom and Foreign Policy – Challenges for the Transatlantic Community’.

More recently in 2020, Ms. Bilde was asked by British Council and their Bridging Voices project to offer her ‘Reflections on Dynamics and Trends in Transatlantic Approaches’. Just as she was asked to give an interview to Religions For Peace on Why Faith Matters – also in diplomacy.


We are working to add EESC officials dealing with cultural relations.

Committee of the Regions

We are working to add contacts in the Committee of the Regions dealing with cultural relations.