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  • Cultural action & legitimacy
  • Digital and Internet governance
  • Cultural relations
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Intercultural coexistence & language skills

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  • Information Sharing
  • Space for Dialogue
  • Policy Analysis
  • Training
  • Implementation support

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Why we bother

We contribute independently to the excellence of EU international cultural relations with the opening of creative trust-building spaces, the production of commons and the brokerage of know-how.


Culture Solutions Europe was created as a French association on 23 October 2018 in a context of uncertainty and questioning of the European integration project, while technological change is affecting the ways Humanity deals with an ecologically threatened planet.


We follow a specific Theory of Change.


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Events and articles


Africa-Europe cultural relations programming: what’s the agenda

Continuing with the analysis and lessons learnt from the first-ever Africa-Europe Week, we now turn to the five main priorities of any future cultural programming agenda in this thought-provoking article by Nicole McNeilly, Gabrielle Bernoville, Valeria Mesía and Celia Zayas.

EU-AU (2)

Africa-Europe Week 2022: Three take-aways for the AU-EU cultural relations partnership

After attending the first-ever Africa-Europe Week, we reflect on the cultural aspects of the post-Covid relationship between the EU and its partners in this blog post.

Ukraine featured

Act fast: War in Ukraine and EU international cultural relations

In the wake of attacks against Ukraine, this crisis-response blog post by Damien Helly looks at the implications of the war in Ukraine for EU international cultural relations. It is sharing ideas on how best the EU and Europeans could take short and long term action to be in line with existing policy commitments and strategies.




cS Brief #11: Culture in EU external trade: Towards Stronger Digital Cultural Cooperation

The rapid digitalisation of the cultural and creative sector requires effective international norms and frameworks for trade and cooperation. This brief analyses the promotion of diverse digital cultural content in recent EU trade agreements and innovative initiatives.


cS Brief #10: Promoting private sector involvement in culture worldwide

This Brief led by Lilian Hanania explores the ways in which companies promote and make visible cultural diversity in their non-financial reporting.


cS mapping #1: classical music in China

The first free and open sectoral mapping on classical music in China to enhance cultural cooperation between Europeans and Chinese cultural professionals
If you wish to partner with us to produce and share more mappings on a given sector, country or region, contact us!


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    🧐 Did you know culture Solutions assessed the 26 different culture events in the Africa-Europe Week?

    In this blog, we share the reflections on the event 🗓️ and what it tells us about the Africa-EU partnership 🤝.

    🔝 Continue reading > https://t.co/ZKci57gxwA https://t.co/zszvlRYhlb
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    The sustainability of #CulturalRelations 🎺 is a cross-cutting factor to environmental sustainability 🌿, social sustainability 🤝 and even economic #sustainability 💸. https://t.co/sH021Cy2aJ culturesol_eu photo
    🧐 Did you know the #EU treaties explicitly refer to #ExternalCulturalAction? 📜
    Whenever you take part in cultural relations, you are contributing to "respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and ensure that Europe's cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced".👏🔝 https://t.co/k9EUkKpvom
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    Happy #WorldArtDay! 🖌️🎨🖼️

    Art contributes to the diffusion of knowledge 📚 and the nurturing of creativity 💡, innovation and #culturaldiversity 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 but also of the need to support art as a means to achieve #development, freedom and #peace. ☮️ https://t.co/UevTgnU7Q5
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