What roles for culture in awareness, engagement and climate transition?

Are you interested in climate issues? Do you want to meet, exchange and participate with experts, scientists, artists and citizens?

culture Solutions is co-organising a roundtable on “What roles for culture in awareness, engagement and climate transition?” with Talk C.E.C and Smarter Together, with the support of EU4Ocean Coalition.

Join us on 9 November 2023 between 15:30 and 17:30 at Ets Demeuldre (Waversesteenweg 141, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium). The event is open to anyone and conducted in French.

Culture and art influence our perception of the world and increase our awareness of it. Together, they are a reflection of an era, the issues that define it and the values ​​of the people who live it. As a true support for reflection, art provides a means of communicating ecological concepts capable of changing our habits and behaviours.

While now all audiences seem to be waiting for an exploration of climate issues, the cultural world must mobilise, act, raise awareness of climate issues. The cultural world can create cohesion, which allows the development of communities and committed collective actions.

Artists and cultural institutions can develop a new approach to climate issues. Together, they have the opportunity to become an essential actor, a driver of change, transition and innovation. Dive with us into the abyssal theme. Read more here.


Main topics:

  • Why make the link between culture and climate?
  • Why and how can culture increase the power to act?
  • How can we better take into account the needs of the sector?



  • Matthieu Duchateau, Talk C.E.C
  • Isabelle van de Gejuchte, culture Solutions
  • Ruben Voka (Philippe Marissens), artist
  • François Jégou, National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre / Strategic Design Scenario
  • DG EAC, Culture & Creativity (speaker to be confirmed)
  • Moderated by Elise Cuny, culture Solutions and Smarter Together, and Margaux Vaghi, Talk C.E.C


The roundtable is intended to be interactive, so we encourage you to come with the questions that excite you. It will be followed by a free tour of the Seas & Oceans exhibition.

Image credits: WallStreetColors