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  • Éditeur(ice) Web (Français)

    Devenez notre é web francophone ! Nous recherchons des jeunes professionnels motivés voulant acquérir de l’expérience et étendre leur réseau dans une équipe dynamique. Si vous souhaitez explorer le secteur culturel européen et les affaires internationales, rejoignez-nous en postulant!

  • We are culture, but are we Europe? – 2020 Europe Culture Forum Amsterdam

    Between 17 and 20 September 2020, Amsterdam played host to this year’s Forum on European Culture. cultureSolutions collaborator Nicole McNeilly was at a selection of the events. She gives a short reflection on the event’s strengths and challenges. 

    See the blog by Nicole McNeilly.

  • Erasmus+ and EU international cultural relations

    The international dimension of the EU’s Higher Education Erasmus+ programme contributes to EU international cultural relations. While the next EU budget (2021-2027) is being negotiated this post looks at Erasmus+’ impact and its role in the EU’s public and cultural diplomacy efforts. See the blog by Constance Bobotsi.

  • Junior Collaborators Vacancies

    Become a culture Solutions collaborator! As part of our communication campaign, we’re looking for motivated and curious graduates or young professionals to join our dynamic and innovative team. If you want to explore the EU cultural sector and external affairs, take a look at our vacancies!

  • EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum

    From June 26-29, Culture Solutions attended the EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum. As the last part of the “CreW Cultural Relations at Work project”, intending to foster discussion and reflection on cultural diplomacy between policy-makers, practitioners and academics. See the blog by SJohanna Suo and Virgine Wyart.

  • International cultural policies @Avignon OFF

    culture Solutions was invited to moderate the round table “International cultural policies: How do institutions create frameworks conducive to developing cultural projects?” at the international theatre festival Avignon OFF. Sandra Coumans reports about it in her blog.

  • Culture for the Future for the Global South

    culture Solutions took part in Culture4Future 2019, an international colloquium organised by the European Commission that aimed at promoting culture, creativity, innovation and dialogue as key drivers for inclusive development and peace. See the blog by Sandra Coumans.

  • The Day After: testing our bottom-up workshop in Lyon

    Culture Solutions attended the European Lab Camp in Lyon and implemented a experimental workshop aimed at bridging the gap between cultural practitioners and EU international cultural policies See the blog by Camilla Colombo and Damien Helly.

  • Commons: culture Solutions inspired

    Culture Solutions attended the CCSC kick-off conference and drew lessons from it for its own development. See the blog by Susan van Esch and Damien Helly.

  • European Lab Lyon – 30 May 2019

    Culture Solutions is a partner of the Arty Farty’s Lyon 2019 European Lab Camp. We design and carry out a workshop on ‘European creatives overseas’ after 2019 European elections.