Month / April 2024

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  • (Re)generating trust #2: Youth mobility to end racism

    In this second episode of the miniseries (Re)generating trust, focusing on youth and culture, features Nicky Alonga, a trailblazer in the fields of art and education in Rwanda. Nicky is a visionary entrepreneur in the creative sector who established a publishing house in Rwanda – Imagine We Rwanda – specialising in children’s books with narratives from Rwanda and Africa.

  • Composing trust #3: Cultural relations perspectives beyond the European Union

    It is time to ask ourselves: is ICR a purely Western concept? Does it have the same meaning in non-Western European contexts? This podcast episode gives voice to experts in various geographical settings with biew of contributing to the recognition of the myriad of understandings, reasonings, and realities that coexist within the realm of International Cultural Relations.