Why we care

Culture Solutions Europe (culture Solutions, or cS) was created as a French association on 23 October 2018. It was launched in a context of uncertainty and questioning of the European integration project, while technological change is affecting the ways Humanity deals with an ecologically threatened planet. 

Our strategy builds on a feasibility study and numerous exchanges of views with informed experts and professionals, which led us to create a new independent and not-for-profit entity to serve all those involved in EU international cultural relations.

We contribute independently to the excellence of EU international cultural relations through:

    • the opening of creative trust-building spaces,
    • the production of commons and
    • the brokerage of know-how.


We follow a specific Theory of Change.


We believe that the ways Europeans are dealing with creativity and cultural diversity will determine the level of trust they will build among themselves on the continent and with the rest of the world in their human, political, security, economic, social and environmental relations.


Our methodology derives from the set of values we follow:


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Hear more about culture Solutions from our co-founders in the introductory episode of the Composing trust podcast.