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  • Cadre numérique européen: nouveaux caps culturels à l’international

    This blog post in French is part of a series of contributions prepared by Damien Helly in the framework of his participation in the 2021/22 session of the Cycle des Hautes Etudes de la Culture (CHEC) (High-Level Cultural Studies Network) of the French Ministry of Culture. This piece looks back at the achievements of the 2022 French Presidency of the EU in the field of digital regulation, and at its implications for EU international cultural relations and foreign policy.

  • #FrenchPresidency – Balancing Paris Cultural Geopolitics and EU international cultural relations

    Until June 2022 France will lead the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU. The external cultural agenda of #EU2022FR is a balancing act between its New Roadmap to influence and revisited EU international cultural relations. Read our analysis of the ins-and-outs of the French presidency’s cultural ambitions.