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EU institutions’ official documents

European Council & Council of the EU

> General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union , “Handbook of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union”, 2015.
> European Council, “Bratislava Declaration and Roadmap”, 16 September 2016.
> European Council, “Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe – A Global Strategy for the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy”, June 2016.
> Council of the EU, “Council Conclusions on stepping-up Joint Programming”, DEVGEN 89-ACP67-RELEX 378, 12 May 2016.
> General Secretariat of the Council of the EU, Cultural Affairs Committee, “Draft Council Conclusions on an EU Strategic Approach to International Cultural Relations”, 7935/17, 5 April 2017.
> Council of the EU, “Council Conclusions on the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022” 2018/C460/10, 21 December 2018.
> Council of the EU, “Conclusions on access to culture via digital means with a focus on audience development”, (2017/C 425/03), 12 December 2017.
> General Secretariat of the Council, “Draft Council conclusions on an EU strategic approach to international cultural relations and a framework for action”, 7045/19, 21 March 2019.
> Council of the EU, “EU Approach to Cultural Heritage in conflicts and crises”, 21 June 2021.
> OMC expert group, “Strengthening Cultural Heritage Resilience For Climate Change: Where The European Green Deal Meets Cultural Heritage”, April 2022.
> Council of Culture Ministers, “Council Resolution on the EU Work Plan for Culture 2023–2026“, 2022/C 466/01, 7 December 2022.


European Commission

> European Commission, News: “Culture in External Relations at the European Parliament”, 24th February 2016.
> European Commission & High Representative, “Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations”, JOIN(2016) 29 final, 8 June 2016.
> European Commission, “New European Cultural Diplomacy Platform launched”, Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI), 31st March 2016.
> European Commission, “New European Consensus on Development – ‘Our world, our dignity, our future’”, 8 June 2017.
> European Commission, “Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture. The European Commission’s contribution to the Leaders’ meeting in Gothenburg”, 17 November 2017.
> European Commission, “Special Eurobarometer 466, Cultural Heritage“, Survey Requested by the DG EAC, December 2017.
> European Commission, “The European Green Deal“, Communication, COM (2019) 640, 11 December 2019.
> European Commission, “Special Eurobarometer 486, The Europeans, Europeans’ opinion of the future of the EU“, Survey requested by the DG COMM, March 2019.
> European Commission, “A New European Agenda for Culture”, COM(2018) 267 final, 22 May 2018.
> European Commission, “EU Engagement in the Southern Neighbourhood, Building Bridges Through Culture”, DG NEAR, 2018.
> European Commission, “European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage”, SWD(2018) 491 final, 5 December 2018.
> European Commission News, “EU Member States sign up to cooper ate on digitising cultural heritage”, 9 April 2019.
> European Commission, “Mid-term evaluation of the Creative Europe programme (2014-2020)”, SWD(2018) 159 final, 30 April 2018.
> European Commission News, “Fifth Meeting of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Digital Cultural Heritage and Europeana (DCHE)”, 13 May 2019.
> European Commission, EU Aid Explorer.
> European Commission, Culture For Future Manifesto, DG DEVCO, August 2019.
> European Commission, “Algorithmic Awareness-Building”, 19 September 2019.
> European Commission News, “Creative Europe: bringing citizens together around classics and heritage”, 31 October 2019.
> European Commission, “CulturEU Funding Guide
> European Commission, “Statement by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel on support to artists, cultural professionals and culture organisations impacted by the Russian war against Ukraine and for the protection of cultural heritage”, 21 April 2022.
> European Commission, “Report on the cultural dimension of sustainable development in EU actions”, 9 December 2022
> European Commission, “Strengthening cultural heritage resilience for climate change”, 2022.
> European Commission, “New European Bauhaus: launch of capacity-building programme to start Ukraine’s reconstruction”, 16 March 2023
> European Commission, “How Creative Europe aims to go green”, 23 May 2023
> European Commission, “Culture and democracy, the evidence”, 2023.
> European Commission, “Global Europe Multi-annual Programmes
> European Commission, “Culture”, International Cooperation and Development.
> European Commission, Creative Europe.
> European Commission, “Candidate and potential candidate countries”, Culture.
> European Commission, “Developing countries”, Culture.
> European Commission, “European Neighbourhood countries”, Culture.
> European Commission, “Fast check on the EU budget”.
> European Commission, “International Organisations and Trade”, Culture.
> European Commission, “Strategic partners”, Culture.
> European Commission, “Cultural policy cooperation at the EU level


European Parliament

> European Parliament, “Resolution of 12 May 2011 on the cultural dimensions of the EU’s external relations”, 2010/2161 (INI), European Parliament.
> European Parliamentary Research Service (Halleux Vivienne), “Sustainable tourism: the environmental dimension”, March 2017.
> European Parliament, “Opinion of the Committee on Culture and Education for the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Development on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument”, 2018/0243 (COD), 24 January 2019, 35 pages.
> European Parliamentary Research Service (Del Mar Negreiro M., Madiega T.), “Digital Transformation”, June 2019.
> European Parliament, “Resolution of 20 January 2021 on achieving an effective policy legacy for the European Year of Cultural Heritage”, 2019/2194(INI)
> European Parliament CULT Committee, “Exchange of views on the war against Ukraine”, 20 June 2022
> European Parliament, “Kremlin’s war on information: an exchange with independent Russian media”, 14 June 2022
> European Parliament and report by CULT Committee, “Resolution on the implementation of the New European Agenda for Culture and the EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations”, 18 November 2022
> European Parliament, “Protecting cultural heritage from armed conflicts in Ukraine and beyond”, 21 March 2023, 105 pages.


European External Action Service

> European External Action Service, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, “House of Europe Program”, 1st August 2019.
> European External Action Service, “World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development: Joint Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell, Vice-President Margaritis Schinas and Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen”, 20 May 2023
> European External Action Service, “Culture – Implementing EU international cultural relations“.
> European External Action Service, “#ARTvsWAR.


Other EU and European documents

> EU Committee of the Regions, “Opinion on Creative Europe and the New Agenda for Culture”, Rapporteur János Ádám Karácsony, CDR 3890/2018, 6 February 2019.
> European Economic and Social Committee, Opinion 017/ C288/ 17, 31 August 2017.
> European Economic and Social Committee, “reUnaissance, A cultural vision for Europe”, 31 October 2019.
> Council of Europe, “Recommendation on the role of culture, cultural heritage and landscape in helping to address global challenges
> European Economic and Social Committee, “Cultural diplomacy as a vector of EU external relations. New partnerships and role of CSO”, 26 October 2022


EUNIC & UN documents


> “Joint Guidelines: EUNIC – EEAS – EC Partnership”, June 2019.
> EUNIC, Statement “Make cultural relations count”, 2020.
> EUNIC, “Global impact of Covid-19 on EU National Institutes for Culture”, 2020.  
> EUNIC, “Not a toolkit! Fair collaboration in cultural relations: a reflAction”, 2022.
> EUNIC, “EUNIC statement on Ukraine”, 2022.
> EUNIC, “Climate Culture(s) Creative Lab, 2023.
> EUNIC, “European Spaces of Culture.
> EUNIC Global, “Network worldwide”.
> EUNIC, Siena University, CReW Project, “Project Description, Cultural Relations at Work”.
> EUNIC, “EU Neighbourhood East Meeting Report”, 4-6 April 2016, Kiev Ukraine.
> EUNIC, “Neighbourhood South Meeting Report EUNIC”, 27-28 October 2016, Rabat Morocco, 2016.


> UNESCO, Reshaping cultural policies, 2018.
> UNESCO, EU, “UNESCO and Cuba join hands for new major culture initiative Transcultura“, 1st October 2019.
> UNESCO, “Culture in crisis: policy guide for a resilient creative sector”, UNESCO, 2020.
> UNESCO, “Culture, a global public good”, 2022.
> UNESCO, “World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022”.
> UNESCO, “Evaluating the Impact of Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Development”.


Other UN bodies

> UN Human Rights Council, Resolution 10/23, Independent expert on cultural rights, 26 March 2009.
> UN Human Rights Council, Report of the independent expert in the field of cultural rights, Ms. Farida Shaheed, submitted pursuant to resolution 10/23 of the Human Rights Council, 22 March 2010.
> UNCTAD, Digital Economy Report 2019. Value Creation and Capture: Implications for Developing Countries, United Nations, 2019.


Reports, studies, webpages

> Anna Lindh Foundation, “Intercultural trends and social change report”, Anna Lindh Foundation 2018.
> Ait Touati F., Latour B., Théâtre des Amandiers, “Moving Earths”, Nanterre Amandiers, 2019.
> Arroyo, K. (ed.), Mobile Minds: Culture, Knowledge and Change, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 2019.
> Arroyo, K. et al., Artists, Displacement and Belonging, Surry Hills, Australia, February 2019.
> Arty Generation, “The Russian independent cultural sector and the war in Ukraine”, 2022.
> Asia Europe Foundation, “Recalibrating the Compass: New Approaches to Asia-Europe Cultural Relations | Publication Launched!”, 26 June 2023.
> BOP Consulting, “Global Cultural Networks: The Value and Impact of British C ouncil International Showcasing”, British Council Website, April 2019.
> Bonet L., Calvano G., Univ. Barcelona Héctor Schargorodsky, Univ. Buenos Aires Mónica García, “Cultural Relations: main findings and conclusions”, EULAC Focus, Final Conference, 5 November 2019.
> Bornstein D., CLIMAT, Le théâtre des négociations, 2016.
> Bloomberg J., “Digitalization and Digital Transformation: Confuse Them At Your Peril”, Forbes, 29 April 2018.
> British Council, “Cultural relations, dialogue and co-operation in an age of competition”.
> CreatiFi.
> Carnwath J.D., Brown A.S., Understanding the value and impacts of cultural experience – A literature review, Arts Council England/The Hive, 2014.
> Climate Heritage Network, “Communicating Climate Heritage Toolkit”.
> Creative Europe Desk UK, “European networks“.
> Cultural Emergency Response (CER), Prince Claus Fund, DutchCulture and European Cultural Foundation, “The importance of cultural solidarity in times of crisis”, 20 March 2023.
> Cultural Relations Platform, “Cultural Relations in the New Normal”.
> Cultural Relations Platform, “It’s a wrap: what we’ve learned from GCRP 2021”, 2021.
> Cultural Diplomacy Platform, “International Cultural Relations in practice: Workshop, 23 March 2018“, 2018.
> Culture Action Europe, “About us”.
> Culture Action Europe et al, “CultureForHealth”, 2023.
> Culture Action Europe, “Common Ground 2022”, 2022.
> Crossick G., Kaszynska P., Understanding the value of arts and culture, Cultural Value Project, Arts and Humanities Research Council, 2016.
> Delors, J., Speech at the European Parliament, Strasbourg, 17 January 1989.
> De Rosa, S. et al., I3’s, MediaRoad’s and Vital Media’s Policy Recommendations for the Next Multiannual Financial Framework, September 2018.
> Deutsche Welle, ”Goethe-Institut: looking back on a turbulent year, while planning for 2018”, 13 December 2017.
> De Vries G., “Cultural freedom in European Foreign Policy“, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, 2019.
> Diplo, Digital Diplomacy.
> Dorosko Kristine, “The transition from fast fashion to sustainable fashion”, Sustain Europe, 8 October 2018.
> DRIS, “Intercultural Dictionary”, 2022.
> Dutch Culture, “An exploration of possibilities and challenges of fair international cultural cooperation”.
> Dutch Culture, “International Cultural Policy Framework 2017-2020”.
> EL-CSID, European Leadership in Culture, Science and Innovation Diplomacy, “Final Report”, Requested from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, February 2019.
> ERICarts Institute, Compendium on cultural policies and trends, Comparative table of European international cultural cooperation systems, based on country profiles, 19th edition, 2017.
> Eurocities, “Cities’ external cultural relations: trends and actions”, September 2017.
> Europa Nostra, “Putting Europe’s shared heritage at the heart of the European Green Deal”, 2021.
> European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual (EENCA), ”Sustainable Cultural Tourism: A mapping document for the OMC”, 2017.
> Fernandez Leost, J.A., Acción Cultural Exterior en Europa: un análisis comparado, Fundacion Alternativas, 2015.
> Foundation for Heritage Science, “Heritage for the Future, Science for Heritage”.
> Friends of Europe, “Invest in culture against rising walls in the EU’s neighbourhood”, 2021.
> Fribourg Declaration, Cultural Rights, 2007.
> Galeazzi G., Helly D., Culture in EU development policies and external action: Reframing the discussion, ECDPM, 2016.
> Goethe Institut, House of Europe, About Us.
> Helly D., Europe’s diplomacy needs a radio station, European Voice, 9 May 2012.
> Helly, D., More Cultural Europe in the World, Study for More Europe, 2012.
> IETM (endorsed by European Dance house Network), “Position paper on the mid-term evaluation of Creative Europe and recommendations regarding its post-2020 successor”, Brussels, July 2017.
> ICOMOS, “Commentary on Nature-Culture Keywords”.
> ICOMOS, “Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals: Policy Guidance for Heritage and Development Actors”.
> ifa, “External Cultural Policy Monitor”.
> ifa, “Forum for International Cultural Relations”.
> Interarts, Programme Culture Burundi, État des lieux du secteur et formulation d’une proposition d’action: Rapport final (projet) », FED/2019/405-892, June 2019.
> Janssen J., Kunstenpocket #2, (Re)framing the International, Flanders Arts Institute, 2019.
> Joint letter by 100+ European networks, “Include culture in your national recovery strategies and reactivate cultural life in Europe”, 2021.
> Kern P., Le Gall A., Pletosu T., “Creative Europe: Towards the Next Programme Generation”, June 2018.
> KEA, BFI Film Forever, “Film Festivals at EU Delegations“, Study for the European Commission, 2014.
> KEA, “Culture: nowhere or everywhere?”, 23 September 2019.
> KEA, “Towards an integrated vision for the European Digital Media Sector. Mapping of other existing EU programmes targeting Creative and Cultural Sectors in the Audiovisual field”, 31 October 2018.
> La Lettre.Pro, “Le CA de France Médias Monde Approuve un Budget 2019 à l’équilibre”, 14 February 2019.
> Latour B., “Europe alone – only Europe”, 2017.
> Lokahi Foundation, Building and EU International Exchange Platform on Religion & Social Inclusion, London, United Kingdom, February 2019.
> Marr Bernard, “What is Digital Twin Technology- And why is it so important?”, Forbes, 6 March 2017.
> Merkel C. M., “Enlarging choices: cultural content and public service media“, in UNESCO “Reshaping cultural policies”, 2018.
> Meyer-Bisch P., “Pour une vraie démocratie culturelle” (Revue Projet n° 372, La culture, c’est pas du luxe!), November 2019.
> Monbiot George, “Finally a breakthrough alternative to growth economics – the doughnut”, The Guardian, 12 April 2017.
> Morganti L., Ranaivoson H., Mazzoli E.M., The Future of Media Innovation European Research Agenda Beyond 2020, Media Road, September 2018.
> More Europe – External Cultural Relations, “What is More Europe?”.
> More Europe – External Cultural Relations, “MORE EUROPE external cultural relations Final report”.
> Nautilus, Interview of Hannay Fry: “There is a need for an algorithm safety agency”, Courriel International, 12 April 2019.
> NEMO, “Cross-Border Cooperation for Museums. From a Project Idea to a Successful Proposal”.
> On the Move, “Operational study Mobility Scheme for Artists and Culture Professionals in Creative Europe countries” (Executive Summary), 31 March 2019.
> On the Move, “Cultural Mobility Yearbook 2023”, 2023.
> Perform Europe, “Perform Europe Insights: Sustainability through innovation”.
> Pierangelo Isernia and Alessandro Giovanni Lamonica, “Impact of COVID‐19 on the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU’s Partner Countries”, Cultural Relations Platform, 2021.
> Public, “The European Union Budget: Member State C ontributions and Expenditures”, 22 May 2019.
> Raluca Iacob, “Local Networks: (a guide to) Reimagining the Work of Cultural Organisations”, ENCC.
> Reset! network, “Youth, Independent culture and Democracy”.
> Relais Culture Europe, “Europe Créative: nouvel appel “Rapprocher la culture et le contenu audiovisuel à l’aide du numérique”.
> RFI, “Festival de Cannes, un budget en or”, 15 May 2018.
> Salzburg Global Seminar, “The Future of Cultural Diplomacy: Fellows’ Recommendations and Priorities”.
> Sé, “Commission de la culture, de l’éducation et de la communication”, 31 January 2019.
> Sciences Po, Master d’Experimentation en Arts Politiques.
> Sciences Po Médialab, “How do we compose a common world?”, AIME: An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence, 2015.
> Victoria and Albert Museum, “Culture in Crisis Portal”.
> Voices of Culture, “International Cultural Relations”.
> VRT NWS,”Cultural sector concerned about proposed funding cuts”, 10 November 2019.
> Wagner G., European external cultural relations in a nutshell: Achievements, shortcomings, perspectives, Discussion paper written for the German Foreign Office by Gottfried Wagner, Vienna, 2/2019.


Academic sources

> Barcevičius, E. et al., “Analysis of the Perceptions of the EU and EU’s Policies Abroad“, PPMI, NRCE, NFG Research group, 2015 (Funded by the Foreign Policy Instrument FPI).
> Bjola C., Digital diplomacy – the state of the art, Global Affairs, 2016, DOI: 10.1080/23340460.2016.1239372
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> Sophia Labadi, “Rethinking Heritage for Sustainable Development”, 2022.  

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