Climate change & New Bauhaus

Climate change has come to the top of the EU agenda thanks to the Green Deal. culture Solutions is dedicated to clarifying the intimate but still underexplored relation between cultural relations and climate action.

26 December 2021

Learning from COP26: A place for Culture in Climate Action

A month after the closing of COP26, this blog article revisits the discussions, explores the outcomes, and highlights the multiple contributions of culture to climate action.

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8 May 2021

New European Bauhaus #1: interculturally global

The New European Bauhaus is an environmental, economic and cultural project, aiming to combine design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability and investment. Find out the tips EU decision-makers may use to reflect through the project’s design phase in this article.

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26 April 2020

Culture & climate change: the future of EU international cultural relations

The climate crisis and its environmental facets are questioning the roots of human culture and creativity. They also require paradigmatic shifts in government policies and thereby EU policies. Composing Trust brief #6 identifies policy priorities for an “EU global culture and climate change initiative”.

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