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culture Solutions aims to put the digital and technological dimensions more prominently on the EU agenda of cultural relations and cultural diplomacy and ensure creative and fruitful crossovers between arts, science, technology and digital expertise.

12 October 2023

EU external cultural policy in the age of AI: challenges and opportunities for the cultural sector 

Ina Kokinova presented the results of the research carried out through the podcast mini-series “Composing trustworthiness” at the ENCATC Congress 2023 entitles “AI embraced: the future of the culture and creative sector”. Special focus was the role of the cultural sector in AI-mediated international cultural relations. The full paper is available in the Congress Proceedings book

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March-December 2023

Composing trustworthiness podcast mini-series

The podcast mini-series explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence on international cultural relations. In the first episode we focus on the importance of culture for AI development, and vice versa the influence of AI on culture. In the second one we relate this disruptive technology to European values, and in the third episode we explore how AI drives or impedes relations with partners around the globe.

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17 July 2022

Cadre numérique européen: nouveaux caps culturels à l’international

This blog post in French by Damien Helly looks back at the achievements of the 2022 French Presidency of the EU in the field of digital regulation and at its implications for EU international cultural relations and foreign policy.

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9 March 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Diplomacy 

Ina Kokinova presented her research on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on International Cultural Relations at the webinar “Diplomacy: Why AI could change the game?, held by Comité Diplomatique. Our Research Assistant shared the screen with Naully Nicolas, digital consultant, and both emphasised the distinction between AI as a topic, AI as a tool, and AI as a factor that changes the international environment. 

12 July 2021

cS Brief #11: Culture in EU external trade: Towards Stronger Digital Cultural Cooperation

cS bRief #11 analyses the interconnectedness between culture, digitalisation and international trade with the aim of reinforcing the EU’s leadership in the implementation of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

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8 May 2021

#TeamEurope impact: Effective Digital Communities of Practice

After defining what a Community of Practice is, this blog post by our Training and Know-how sharing team zooms into the methodology behind building digital European communities that have a global remit and inclusivity at the core.

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25 April 2020

Composing Trust Brief #5: Digital change and EU international cultural relations

cS Brief #5 focuses on if and how the EU has adjusted its international cultural relations policy to the digital revolution. In particular, it examined the digitalisation of cultural content, engagement and management

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