Bi-lateral & bi-regional cultural relations

culture Solutions contributes to the external dimension of EU cultural action, including both cultural relations and cultural diplomacy. However, in most instances these relations are developed on a bi-lateral or bi-regional basis.

22-24 July 2023

EU-LAC cultural diplomacy and cultural relations

After the EU-CELAC Summit, the first blog post focuses on the cultural components of the New Agenda for EU-LAC relations and other EU programmes, as well as the role of Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU. The second post uncovers the flourishing collaboration at the grass-roots level, drawing a list of recommendations from the key take-aways of the EU-LAC Forum.

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12 July 2023

Composing trust #2: EU-Turkey cultural relations – what next?

Although in the last twenty years relations between the EU and Turkey have become more tense and complicated (e.g. management of migration flows, political dialogue on Human Rights), this has not prevented cultural professionals from continuing their cooperation work. The podcast episode provides a rich set of lessons learnt and good practice in cultural projects management, in the context of Erdogan’s electoral victory.

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17 November 2022

Les nouveaux modèles européens de la culture: l’exemple de Tfanen – Tunisie créative

This blog post was prepared by Damien Helly in the framework of his participation in the 2021/22 session of the Cycle des Hautes Etudes de la Culture (CHEC) of the French Ministry of Culture. This piece looks back at the example of the EU-funded programme Tfanen-Tunisie créative as a source of inspiration to refresh French external cultural action through joined-up EU initiatives.

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20 June 2022

Post-Ukraine Cultural Mediterranean: Still curious? 

Damien Helly summarises his speech at the Naples Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the Mediterranean, where he exchanged ideas on fostering innovation and sustainability, cross-border and regional cooperation, and long-standing partnerships to consolidate socio-economic Resilience of the Cultural and Creative sectors in the Southern Partnership Region.

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February – May 2022

First Africa-Europe Week and 6th Europe Africa Business Forum (EABF) 

culture Solutions’ Training and know-how sharing team participated in the assessment of the different culture-related events that had a meaningful place in the Week and the Business Forum agenda. Reflecting on the main takeaways, the team highlights three tips to reset the AU-EU cultural relations partnership, a list of five priorities for Africa-Europe cultural relations programming, the building of new spaces for inclusive cultural relations dialogue, and the main trends in EU-AU cultural relations.

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24 February 2022

Act fast: War in Ukraine and EU international cultural relations

“After hearing for weeks that Russia would attack Ukraine, full war does not come as a surprise. While I was wondering what I could do after reading the news this morning, I told myself I had at least to write this unplanned blog post, and be late at work.” writes Damien Helly in his piece posted in the first hours of the war.

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18 February 2022

EU-China cultural diplomacy: room for improvement in troubled times? 

This blog by Ina Kokinova looks at the state of play of cultural diplomacy between the EU and the People’s Republic of China. Looking backward at the Beijing Olympics and forward to the EU-China summit in April 2022, the article emphasises the value of cultural cooperation rather than competition, despite the increasing geopolitical tensions.

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June 2021 – January 2022

ACP-EU Culture Webinar: Towards a sustainable cultural and creative industry in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries 

After culture Solutions supported the organisation of the international webinar, the first blog aims to inform about current trends and opportunities in the ACP-EU Culture programme. The second blog summarises the main take-aways and lessons learned from the seminar, clustered around 5 themes (digital acceleration, CCI economics, access to culture, decent employment and sustainability).

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10 May 2021

EU-US Cultural Relations: Towards a Transatlantic Cultural Initiative?

Damien Helly spoke at the Webinar “Success and Challenges for the EU External Cultural Relations”, part of the Series “EU Cultural Policy: Beyond Masters and Museums” by the Center for European Studies at UF Jean Monnet Center of Excellence. Speakers considered the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage in conflict and crisis and its integration in peace-building initiatives, as well as the possible opportunities in the EU-US relations offered by the new US presidency and the multi-year EU budget programming.

30 September 2020

cS mapping #1: classical music in China

In partnership with the Pavillon Rouge des Arts HK, culture Solutions published the first free and open sectoral mapping on classical music in China to enhance cultural cooperation between Europeans and Chinese cultural professionals. China’s classical music market is booming and previous analyses of EU-China cultural relations concluded that concrete direct existing cooperation initiatives can be a useful starting point to develop them further.

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