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  • Team Europe’s future heritage? Protecting shared memories in conflict

    In November 2020, culture Solutions facilitated the EEAS conference on The role of the European Union on the Protection and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage in conflict and crisis. This blog summarises the main take-aways of the conference and recommends the launch of specific European communities of practice in this field.

  • We are culture, but are we Europe? – 2020 Europe Culture Forum Amsterdam

    Between 17 and 20 September 2020, Amsterdam played host to this year’s Forum on European Culture. cultureSolutions collaborator Nicole McNeilly was at a selection of the events. She gives a short reflection on the event’s strengths and challenges. 

    See the blog by Nicole McNeilly.

  • cS mapping #1: classical music in China

    The first free and open sectoral mapping on classical music in China to enhance cultural cooperation between Europeans and Chinese cultural professionals
    If you wish to partner with us to produce and share more mappings on a given sector, country or region, contact us!

  • EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum

    From June 26-29, Culture Solutions attended the EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum. As the last part of the “CreW Cultural Relations at Work project”, intending to foster discussion and reflection on cultural diplomacy between policy-makers, practitioners and academics. See the blog by SJohanna Suo and Virgine Wyart.

  • Culture for the Future for the Global South

    culture Solutions took part in Culture4Future 2019, an international colloquium organised by the European Commission that aimed at promoting culture, creativity, innovation and dialogue as key drivers for inclusive development and peace. See the blog by Sandra Coumans.

  • Commons: culture Solutions inspired

    Culture Solutions attended the CCSC kick-off conference and drew lessons from it for its own development. See the blog by Susan van Esch and Damien Helly.