Month / March 2023

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  • Weapons and renewable energy for peace and climate: A European Culture Facility

    A year into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this blog post argues that the EU and its Member States urgently need to adjust their external cultural action to recent geopolitical paradigm shifts. It is now time to create a European Culture Facility to live up to climate, security and cultural challenges and avoid risks of international audiences’ indifference.

  • Composing trustworthiness #2: Artificial Intelligence and European values

    In this second episode of the miniseries entitled Composing trustworthiness, we ask our experts from different cultural and diplomatic fields: How are European values reflected in its regulatory approach? Is this approach to AI compatible with other cultures and does it sufficiently consider the cultural and creative sector?

  • Composing trustworthiness #1: Artificial Intelligence vs. culture

    Our new miniseries entitled Composing trustworthiness explores the impact of Artificial Intelligene (AI) on international cultural relations. In this first episode we focus on the importance of culture for AI development, and vice versa the influence of AI on culture.