Composing trust podcast

The Composing trust podcast series goes deep into questioning the ways Europeans and the EU engage culturally with the world. Avoiding Euro-centric views, the podcast episodes follow an intercultural approach in order to better understand the daily work of those who develop cultural relations with partners around the world.

The series brings cultural professionals, artists, policy makers and civil society around the table to discuss and share good practice on how best the EU can contribute to cultural relations in today’s world. Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, Amazon Music or Google Podcasts.

Composing green

The miniseries sheds light on the various facets of the climate-culture nexus. Listening to people from diverse fields that all work on cultural solutions to make behavioural change happen, the podcast contributes to awareness raising about climate action and best practice.

(Re)generating trust

In this miniseries we tackle the not-so-obvious link between youth and culture. Why is it important to give youth a space in the cultural sector? How can the EU institutions and member states do it? Youth is an advocate for culture and creative skills, able to regenerate societies and trust in institutions. This series is a platform for young professionals from the cultural sector and European initiatives who support them to expose their work and express their recommendations.

Composing trustworthiness

This miniseries explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence on international cultural relations. We examine the EU’s aspiration for trust and excellence in AI, in light of popular excitement surrounding the launch of new tools, but also growing debates around diversity, fairness, values and risks, as well as increasing geopolitical competition.