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Who represents Member States in Brussels to make EU international cultural relations policy?

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Each Member State has a Permanent Representation to the EU (check their individual websites and directories), with dedicated advisors on international cultural relations.

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Dr. Elke Kaschl Mohni

Regional Director of the Goethe-Institut for South West Europe, EU Delegate for the Goethe-Institut

Email address:

Phone number: +32 2 238 11 64

Something special about her:

Dr. Elke Kaschl Mohni took office as Regional Director of the Goethe-Institut for South West Europe and as EU Delegate for the Goethe-Institut in Brussels in July 2019. She has been with the Goethe-Institut since 2004, holding positions as Regional Director Middle East/North Africa in Cairo (2016-19) and Head of Strategy in Munich headquarters (2012-16) as well as directing the institutes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2009-12), and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2005-09). She graduated with a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Berne, Switzerland with a thesis on “Dance and Authenticity in Israel and Palestine: Performing the Nation”. Her MA is in Contemporary Arab Studies from Georgetown University, Washington DC, with a focus on politics and cultural studies. Throughout her work with the Goethe-Institut, Elke Kaschl Mohni has maintained a strong interest in supporting trans-cultural co-creation across the Mediterranean region as a powerful trigger for creativity, innovation and mutual learning.