"Who's Who" Bruxellois

Consultez qui à Bruxelles, est chargé des relations culturelles internationales de l’UE !

Cette initiative de lancement vise à fournir aux professionnels de la culture un meilleur accès au processus de décision politique européen afin qu’ils puissent s’impliquer directement auprès des institutions européennes.

Notre “Who’s Who” est un outil vivant, en constante évolution.

Si vous souhaitez contribuer ou apparaître dans le “Who’s Who” Bruxellois de culture Solutions, contactez nous!

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Diego Marani

Cultural Policy Coordinator

Email address: diego.marani@eeas.europa.eu

Phone: +32 2 5849910

Something special about him:

Diego Marani is an interpreter by training and graduated at the University of Trieste in 1983. He is an EU official since 1985. First working at the Council of Ministers, in 2006 he joined the Directorate General for Culture of the European Commission where he was in charge of the policy of multilingualism. In this position he dealt with issues such as literary translation, early language learning and the New Narrative for Europe initiative with President Barroso. In 2014 he was appointed advisor to the Italian Culture Minister and dealt with European affairs under the Italian Presidency of the E.U.

In 2015 Diego Marani joined the European External Action Service where he is Cultural policy coordinator. In this position Diego Marani  co-drafted the Communication "Towards an EU strategy in international cultural relations" and conceived the EU-Western Balkans Cultural Heritage Route, implemented by EU Delegations in the region.

 Diego Marani is also a columnist and a writer, author of many novels, among which the prize-winning "New Finnish Grammar", translated in 15 languages. He is the inventor of the mock-language Europanto in which he has published the collection of short stories "Las adventuras des Inspector Cabillot" and articles in several European newspapers. He writes columns on cultural matters for several Italian newspapers and keeps a blog in the European website eunews.it


Pietro de Matteis

Advisor on public diplomacy

Email address: Pietro.DE-MATTEIS@eeas.europa.eu

Phone: +32 2 584 3296

Something special about him:

Pietro is responsible for developing a more joined-up approach to European Public Diplomacy and has been involved since early stage in the drafting of the Joint Communication "Towards an EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations" 

He is also at the origin of flagship Public and Cultural Diplomacy initiatives under the Partnership Instrument, such as the Cultural Diplomacy Platform, the EU Film Repository for Film Festivals, the EU Alumni Engagement Initiative and EU Policy and Outreach Partnership (EUPOP) contracts worldwide. Currently he is working to frame Public Diplomacy under the upcoming EU Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027).


We are working to add EESC officials dealing with cultural relations.

Committee of the Regions

We are working to add contacts in the Committee of the Regions dealing with cultural relations.