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EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum

From June 26-29, Culture Solutions attended the EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum. As the last part of the “CreW Cultural Relations at Work project”, intending to foster discussion and reflection on cultural diplomacy between policy-makers, practitioners and academics. See the blog by SJohanna Suo and Virgine Wyart.


The Day After: testing our bottom-up workshop in Lyon

Culture Solutions attended the European Lab Camp in Lyon and implemented a experimental workshop aimed at bridging the gap between cultural practitioners and EU international cultural policies See the blog by Camilla Colombo and Damien Helly.

CCSC tot bag filtré

Commons: Culture Solutions inspired

Culture Solutions attended the CCSC kick-off conference and drew lessons from it for its own development. See the blog by Susan van Esch and Damien Helly.


European Lab Lyon – 30 May 2019

Culture Solutions is a partner of the Arty Farty’s Lyon 2019 European Lab Camp. We design and carry out a workshop on ‘European creatives overseas’ after 2019 European elections.

Emil Ciocoiu

European belonging among young people

culture Solutions contributed to the EU Romanian Presidency conference that informed Council Conclusions on young creative generations.

CAE Online Live Dialogue 250419

European elections Online Live Dialogue

On 25th April Damien activated the online chatroom on rights, values and identities, together with Culture Action Europe colleagues.