Our services

Founded in 2018, Culture Solutions is a non-for-profit service provider of trust-building space, know-how circulation and information sharing. We produce commons. We focus our services in 5 areas:

  • Information circulation
  • Open & neutral space for dialogue on EU international cultural relations
  • Independent policy analysis and monitoring
  • Training and know-how sharing
  • Assistance to implementation



Information sharing


Although EU institutions and Member States’ administrations often do their best to inform the public about what they, their resources and time to communicate externally are limited.

For the sake of transparency and equal access to policy-making, Culture Solutions gathers and shares relevant information on EU policy-making in the field of EU international cultural relations.

We share on social media and this website as well as in dedicated and special events and activities we organise with our partners (see our News pages).

Before creating one, we will first evaluate the need for a specialised newsletter.

Open & Neutral Space for Dialogue

Many Europeans working in external cultural action would like to have more opportunities to learn and share from their peers and colleagues.

Because of the institutional affiliations and mandates or because of the distance existing between officials and cultural professionals and artists, the potential for dialogue and encounters is limited.

Culture solutions creates conditions for exchanges between professionals who rarely have the opportunity to meet and deepen their relationship.

Our team and friends representing Culture Solutions intervene in our own events and/or in our partners’ activities as contributors, curators, co-designers, facilitators, moderators or mediators.

Independent policy analysis and monitoring

Even if Culture Solutions, as a social innovation group, is much more than a think and do tank, we also are one, providing non-partisan and evidence-base monitoring and analysis of EU policies in the field of international cultural relations.

Our flagship analytical product is a yearly report on the implementation of EU international cultural relations policies.

We also produce, edit and publish blogs and specific studies by guest authors.

Training and know-how sharing

Life-long learning has become an imperative for everyone in a rapidly changing world.

We will design and conduct specialised training and learning activities to enhance the skills of all those who want to contribute to better EU international cultural relations. By doing so, we will also keep learning from you.

Some will need to learn how to develop the cultural side of their international work; others will benefit from know-how exchange on EU policies and their contributions to them; some will realise they still can learn a lot to work in a truly European way.

Implementation support

We are also doers and can contribute to your action by sharing our experience, contacts, networks and advice. We love to create striking emotions across borders through efficient initiatives.

If you:

  • need to design international cultural programmes with a European touch
  • ambition to be funded by the EU for an international cultural initiative
  • wish to cooperate more with other European cultural professionals internationally

come to us and let’s have a chat!